To avoid online scams, we teach you to recognize and defend yourself from phishing. Here you will find all the information you need.


Phishing is an attempt to steal sensitive data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card information, pretending to be any legitimate entity (especially banks, post office, payment services, social networks and online trading sites).

Be wary of any email or sms message requesting your personal or sensitive data, of messages that refer to a web page where personal information is requested.

And here are our tips that should make you understand that you are dealing with a phishing attempt:

 – Attention to grammar:  The texts are often written in very stunted Italian, almost composed with the automatic translator.

 – Stay away from bogus addresses:  Always pay attention to the emails that come to you even when they report the brand of sites you know and in doubt check with the customer service department of the site in question.

 – Never click on suspicious links:  Hovering the mouse pointer over any link will allow you to view the address to which you will be referred.

 – Beware of generic message headers  Headers such as “Dear User” or “Dear User” never come from a legitimate entity.

 – Never provide your data:  In no case will you be asked for personal data by email. You can enter them only through your “Reserved Area”.

Don’t bite into a phishing attempt! When you notice one or more of these things, stop and contact Customer Service.