Anxiety is like parsley: it is everywhere … And we perfectly understand your anxiety during the “moment of payment”.


If you are shopping and cannot meet and pay the advertiser in person: 

  • Always avoid untracked payment methods (even for small sums) such as rechargeable cards, money orders, or money transfer methods.
  • Request secure and tracked payment methods such as bank transfers (making sure that the IBAN is actually traceable to a bank account and not to a prepaid card with an iban) or for example services such as Paypal (using the “goods and services” function ), so that in case of fraud it is possible to identify the advertiser. In case of payment on Iban, always check its origin and prefer bank ones referring to UK current accounts (if you want to make a quick check you can visit sites like ” iban calculator” );
  • Offer the seller the cash on delivery.


If you are selling and cannot meet the buyer in person, do the following: 

  • Request a traced payment method , in order to be more reliable and to also be able to check on your personal page the actual crediting of the money in your account.
  • Even if you receive a virtual copy from the buyer or an email confirming payment, always check the actual credit on your account by accessing your reserved area from the official website of the bank or digital payment service such as Paypal. He also always remembers that these entities, when notifying a payment, always write their e-mails to the person concerned clearly writing their name and surname, and never use forms such as ” kind user”  or  “dear customer” .
  • If you want to learn more, get information on the site of your payment service about the correct addresses from which you can receive credit notifications (each entity sends this type of communication from a specific address). Avoid clicking on any link as they are never sent by banking institutions or similar services.
  • Alternatively, make arrangements with the buyer to conclude the deal with a cash on delivery. In any case, remember that it is better not to send anything before viewing the actual credit on your account. So be wary of those who ask you persistently to send (especially with fast methods), without waiting for the credit of the money.


In any case, whether you buy or sell, keep these three simple tips in mind:

– Use and request secure and tracked payment methods , 

– Always check transactions via the official page of your online account.

– At the time of shipment, you prefer instruments with tracking, to constantly monitor the position of your package.